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Heat up the night!
5 Piece Bonbon Including:
Slow Dance ~ Mocha Caramel & Spiced Hazelnut Praline

A tribute to the slow dance of marriage, Slow Dance has a flavor profile that is sweet, dark and intense.

The caramel is finished with 75% dark chocolate and espresso, so the notes are long, deep, and grounding. The spiced hazelnut praline adds richness and widens the flavor profile of the chocolate, adds a crunch that provides texture, and a bite of heat.

Indian Summer ~ Tunisian Bitter Orange Ganache & Spiced Pecan Fudge:

There is a moment of sweetness that comes at the tail end of a Texas Summer. Close your eyes as you lie back on your tube, and the sun creates a dancing cacophony of deep orange and brilliant copper behind your eyelids.

Indian summer is a bright, warm chocolate created with a ganache of 75% dark chocolate and Tunisian bitter orange, layered with pecan fudge that has a bit of habanero. Deep notes of orange, with a bit of heat.

Snow Flower ~ Chai Infused Dulce De Leche & Spiced Pecan Praline

Snow Flower is a chocolate that celebrates the unique nature and texture of female friendship. It's notes are intriguingly layered, deep, long and sweet.

Dulce de Leche, richly infused with chai tea, is paired with spiced pecan praline bits. Wrapped in a 70% dark chocolate, this is one of our most complex chocolates, full of subtle spice and depth.

Midnight In Portland ~ Coconut In Almond Cream & Bits of Ginger & Apricot

Portland is a city that inspires reflection. Imagine sitting outside in the hushed darkness, a blanket over your legs for warmth, watching thick fog settle over boats in the marina. In the distance you hear a low thrum and realize that it's a drum circle that meets every full moon at midnight across the river. You lean into the sound, breathe deeply and recall the taste of freedom.

Midnight in Portland is dark and luscious 70% dark chocolate filled with sweet shredded coconut in almond cream, layered with bits of ginger and apricot. A deeply rich, satisfying chocolate.

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