Caramel & Ganache 8 Piece Bonbon + Vibrancy Bark + Happiness Bark

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Our lead artisan’s favorite mix of bonbons and bark.
8 Piece Bonbon + Vibrancy Bark + Happiness Bark Including:
First Light ~ Lemon Caramel & Honey Sesame Walnut Bark

Close your eyes and imagine stepping outside at daybreak. Say good morning to the universe and breathe in possibility. Find the sacred deliciousness in the freshness of early morning, when the day stretches before us, to be spent as we determine, and all is possible.

We offer First Light to represent that moment of pure hope and anticipation. We begin with our artisan lemon caramel, crafted from freshly squeezed organic lemons, and we layer that with a delicate bark of 75% dark chocolate and honey sesame candied walnut bits to create a chocolate filled with notes of bright lemon and deep, crunchy walnut. Every bite will remind you that this day is full of possibilities.

Moon River ~ Lemon, Raspberry & Fig Ganache With Flecks Of Apricot

Audrey Hepburn lit up the world in Breakfast at Tiffany's. As Holly Golightly, she epitomized glamour, sophistication and grace. Moon River is a tribute to the beauty of Audrey Hepburn and all women everywhere. May our hearts and minds always recognize, even on hard days, how magnificent we are.

Moon River is one of our most popular chocolates and a favorite of women. This buoyant truffle bursts with life and is terrifically bright. Crafted with 60% dark chocolate, slow cooked lemon syrup, raspberry, fig and apricot, the flavor profile is slightly floral and fruity without being overly sweet. Your mouth and your lover will thank you.

Awakening ~  Deep Tangerine Caramel Stuffed With Pepita Brittle Bits

There are moments in time that forever change you. When your heart awakens to your true journey and you find the essence of what feeds the creative energies of your soul, you step into the pool of your natural intelligence and a deeper connection to the universe. Chocolate feeds my soul.

Awakening is a chocolate complex in both flavor and texture, with a myriad of nuanced notes. A deep, sweet tangerine caramel is paired with a pepita and smoked paprika brittle, surrounded by a 70% single source chocolate with flowery notes and an intense flavor that is exceptionally long-lingering. This chocolate is the heart of our premier collection, reminding you to awaken to the knowledge already present within your heart.

Morrison Street ~ Lemon & Raspberry Ganache Surrounding  Rainier Cherry

A lot of interesting things happen on Morrison Street. You might meet yourself there on a lazy summer afternoon. Perhaps you'll come to know yourself there again late one rainy evening. Morrison Street is a chocolate that celebrates the wonder of spending time with yourself.

Morrison Street is our rendering of a chocolate covered cherry – raspberry ganache with a center of Rainier cherry. With 66% dark chocolate, our elevated version of a childhood favorite will have you appreciating alone in a whole new way.

Vibrancy Bark ~ Bright Peppermint & Orange With Hazelnut & Crisped Rice

Vibrancy Bark is designed to be a decadently healthy substitute for caffeine. Crafted as a pick-me-up bark, it's vibrant in a smoothly bright way, with a satisfying crunch of hazelnut and crisped rice.

Notes of peppermint and orange awaken the senses while 75% dark chocolate grounds you through the finish line.

Happiness Bark ~ Intense Ecuadorian Chocolate With Ginger, Cranberry, Walnut & Citrus

This beautiful bark is crafted from a rich 60% Ecuadorean single source chocolate, with notes of ginger, cranberry, walnut and citrus. The flavor profile is bright, bold, intense, sweet, and spicy.

Built to be a mood reset, Happiness Bark is a perfect choice for moments when life demands a time out or the day calls for a reboot. It’s impossible to actually hand someone else happiness, but we got as close as we could.

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